Care and FAQs


Storage conditions can affect the appearance of your jewelry. Therefore, pure copper will tarnish after a while, which can be left untouched for a natural antique look or removed using polishing cloth or many common household items (i.e. ketchup or a mix of citric acid and baking soda or salt). Sometimes the human body reacts to metals, their dusts, salts and oxides, so your jewelry might turn your skin green. This is a common and generally harmless reaction – you can wash off this residue or it will fade on its own in a few days. I do not recommend wearing your jewelry while bathing or swimming as it can tarnish faster. Please understand that I cannot predict how your skin will react to copper or if it will react at all. Some of my products are coated and will not tarnish as quickly, but as with any coating, it will eventually wear off. I cannot guarantee that the coating will prevent any allergic reaction, skin discoloration or other ill effects.


Like many other elements, copper can cause allergies and can be potentially toxic. However, poisoning is related to ingesting and inhaling, not absorbing very small traces through your skin. The risk of toxicity is increased when jewelry is combined with taking copper mineral supplements and exposure to some fungicides and pesticides. Symptoms of copper toxicity include nausea, vomiting, digestive discomfort, metallic taste in mouth, yellow skin and eyes, depression, anorexia and muscle weakness. If you experience any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.

Some stones contain trace elements that may cause allergic reactions as well. Customers are advised to read up on properties of stones before purchase.

Please be advised all pieces may contain epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates, and other potential allergens.

All of our products contain chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer.


Please understand that returns and exchanges cannot be accepted due to tarnishing or skin discoloration. Policies and information provided before purchase outline that these are both natural and expected reactions. I cannot be held responsible for copper allergies or poisoning. Customers are advised to make sure that they do not suffer from allergies or conditions that can trigger poisoning before they make a purchase. I will happily return or exchange any defective pieces within 14 days of receipt.